• Thank you for your interest in my classes/tutoring!
  • See the Classes or Tutoring pages for more information.  
  • For new students registering for math and/or English/history classes, please be sure to contact me to set up an informal individual Zoom meeting. We will discuss math/writing levels and ensure the right courses are chosen. A placement test or writing sample may be needed.

           * Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Registration 


  • QUESTIONS?:  If you have questions, click the contact button below and fill out the simple form, or email directly.  


  • READ POLICIES & MEET VIA ZOOM (New Students):  Read the 1-page Expectations & Policies file below. For new students, please join me in an informal Zoom meeting discussion about the class, registration, placement levels, and any of your remaining questions. 
Liftoff Learning – Expectations & Policies


  • REGISTER & PAY:  Register by clicking on the "Register" button below and completing the online form. But, READ THE FOLLOWING ITEMS FIRST! 

    The registration form requests your selected class(es) and/or tutoring areas. 

    For classes NOT YET SCHEDULED, select "yes" to answer the question in the form asking if scheduling is needed and then enter your schedule constraints information.  When a sufficient number of students have requested a class, it will be scheduled based on registered families' inputs.  Payment is due within two weeks of the course schedule being set to reserve your spot.  You will receive an email notifying you of the schedule and payment due date. 

    For classes ALREADY SCHEDULED (they have a day/time listed on the left side of the Classes page), select "no" to answer the question in the form on whether scheduling is needed.  Payment is then due within two weeks of registration to reserve your spot. 

    See the "Payment Directions" file below for specific directions on the three ways to pay: Zelle, check, or cash. 

    For tutoring, the form guides you through several questions.

    NOTE:  If registration drops below 5 students prior to the start of a course, the class may be cancelled.  Please help avoid having that happen to the other families.  Thank you! 
Payment Directions


  • GET MATERIALS: Purchase books/supplies as listed in the course description or as needed for tutoring.


  • PARTICIPATE in LAUNCH READINESS REVIEW (LRR) WEEK:  Held roughly 1 week before a class officially starts, the LRR is an online meeting to learn how to access and use the electronic tools, meet each other, and answer any questions about the start of class. See calendar and further class information provided after registration.