Below are excerpts from a subset of the many unsolicited, encouraging emails I have received over the years which have warmed my heart! They are split into three categories (quality, enjoyment, effectiveness) for you to more easily find the feedback that is most relevant to you. I appreciate all the students and parents who took the time to write and send them! Thank you – you are a blessing to me! 

        And now a couple feedback comments of my own. Thanks to my dear husband Scott who so kindly helps in countless ways. Thanks also to my youngest son Emerson, our Vice-President of Infrastructure (one of our computer science major sons), who developed so much of the website. I am deeply grateful.

 - Leesa Wolf



Life Favorite

Thought you’d like to know that my son told me today, “Mrs. Wolf’s geometry class has been my favorite class of my entire life!
- Parent & Student

Excellent Teaching

Wow. Thank you for your quick feedback and organization. I don’t know how you do it… Thank you for your patience, guidance, and excellent teaching. My daughter and I have both learned a great deal from you!
- Parent

No Time Wasting

Thought you’d like to know what I overheard my daughter saying to a friend of hers about your ACT/SAT Strategies class: “There isn’t one single thing that will waste your time in that course!
- Parent & Student

Great Year

Thank you for a great year! You are an amazing teacher. See you next year!
- Student

Patient & Thorough

I just wanted to thank you for your hard work with my daughter this year. You have been one of the best teachers she has had in a long time. Thank you for being patient and very thorough with everything!
- Parent

Excited for Your Business Start

I’m super excited for you starting your own business. With the knowledge and skills you have it is definitely the right move. I will definitely pass the business info along to other homeschooling moms.
- Parent

Looking Forward to Next Year

Mrs. Wolf - Again, I want you to know how much I appreciate all the hard work and extra time you put into this school year. My son is looking forward to being your student again next year!
- Parent


Favorite Teacher

I would like to thank you for everything you have done in teaching me… You were truly my favorite teacher for so many reasons and also because you didn’t just teach me countless valuable academic lessons, but also invaluable life lessons… no words can describe how grateful and indebted I am to all of the help and guidance you have given me.
- Student

Loved Class & Grew

Thank you so much for teaching me this year – it has been amazing! I absolutely LOVED the class and thoroughly enjoyed myself and your teaching! You made the class super fun. This past year I grew immensely in my writing skills. I am so deeply grateful for you. You’ve definitely impacted my life greatly and made [this year] my favorite when I thought it was going to be worst. You made class feel like family.
- Student

Full of Joy

Just a note to say thank you! My son looks forward to class every week and leaves class full of joy… Words can’t express how thankful I am for you and your class.
- Parent

Enjoyed and Became Better Person

Dear Mrs. Wolf, I would like to thank you for teaching me not only academically but also how to be a better person… Whether you know it or not you have impacted the lives of your past and present students for the better. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in your class and feel like I will be able to walk away and put the skills I learned in your class to use. I guess what I am trying to say is that you are a teacher with a big heart for teaching kids and learning…
- Student

Fun Online Class Experience

My son thoroughly enjoyed the online class today – he said it was the top of the list for Zoom classes he’s had!
- Parent

Meeting Individual Needs

THANK YOU for teaching my daughter honors English/history this year. Now that she’s officially finished, we’ve reflected on the year with fondness and appreciation… By engaging her in person and helping with her individual needs, you taught her well. I’m beyond thrilled with the academic growth.
- Parent


English Score Improvement

Mrs. Wolf, I can’t thank you enough. Both for the ACT prep class and for the Honors English/History class. Not only did my overall score increase from a 23 to a 28, but my English was 35. I went into and came out of the testing room in a positive mood and was actually excited to take the ACT. Thank you for everything you taught me, and for your time and dedication.
- Student

Rockin it as a Sophomore

I’ve given your name and email to a couple people for ACT/SAT strategies and prep. You are amazing. My daughter got a 31 on her ACT as a sophomore. She attributes it to your class, and I’ve shared with everyone I know to take it!
- Parent

Improved ACT & SAT Both

Just wanted you to know that my SAT score went up to 1310. My ACT math and science scores both improved significantly … to a 28 and 33!
- Student

ACT Math Up 6 Points

Hi Mrs. Wolf! I wanted to tell you that I took the ACT test again. I managed to get 6 points higher on the math this time! Thank you for your amazing math class and ACT/SAT math instruction this year, it really paid off!
- Student

Geometry Gladness & Test Hugeness

I can’t tell you how glad I am that we decided to [have our kids] take your geometry class – that class and your test prep classes combined were SUCH a big help with their testing! Did they show you their ACT scores today? You played a huge part in them getting better scores each time, so thank you!!
- Parent